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Django Tutorial 6 – MyNotes App

Since we have created our mynotes models, we need to understand how Django uses that model to interact with database. This is achieved through ORM(Object Relational Mapping). This is nothing but the table entry...


Django Tutorial 5 – MyNotes App

We have added the front-end template to our project. Now, We need to configure how URLs for our project are going to be handled. Create file with the below content inside notesapp folder....


Django Tutorial 4 – MyNotes App

In this lesson we are going to prepare the website template. I have chosen a very simple and responsive template from ( I have modified the template with title and few other minor changes...


Django Tutorial 3 – MyNotes App

Now, Let’s try to create our models using Entity Relation diagram. Below is the model file. We need to edit the file named inside Django app folder. Copy the below content to


Django Tutorial 2 – MyNotes App

In this lesson, We are going to see how to create the Django project structure and files to update for our project. Since I am not going to brief about how to install Django,...


Django Tutorial 1 – MyNotes App

Since you are here to learn Django, I assume you are aware the market demand and requirement on Python Django framework. What is the plan? Practical approach to develop a web application from designing...

Largest and Smallest in a Python collection 0

Largest and Smallest in a Python collection

Today I had come across a module in Python which eases a process of finding the number of largest and smallest values in a collection. We can assume a simple scenario of finding the...


Ransomware with Python

Hello Everyone, Ransomware was the famous attack and still that exists. I have attempted a simple Python script which mimics the functionality of ransomware behavior. Let’s see what Wiki says about Ransomware. Ransomware is...