How to setup system-wide Proxy with Tor in Linux?

Anonymous surfing nowadays has got some attraction due to recent data breaches and as personal cyber safety. If you are a techie, you may extend your interest to route your entire traffic through a proxy, not just a browser. Here, I am sharing how to setup that with Tor and Nipe.

Nipe is a Perl module that does the job of changing the settings for us which in turn uses Tor. Let’s see the steps for Ubuntu.

Step 1:

Install Tor using below command and start the service.

sudo apt install tor
sudo service tor start

Step 2:

Clone the below repository and follow the instructions.

Step 3:

Help document from nipe.

Run the file using the command below to get the help doc

sudo perl
Command       Description
-------       -----------
install       Install dependencies
start         Start routing
stop          Stop routing
restart       Restart the Nipe circuit
status        See status

Now, install the dependencies using the below command.

sudo perl install

After installing the dependencies, It’s pretty much straight forward to start, stop, and restart the Tor circuit. Now, after starting nipe check the current IP location from the browser which should have changed to a different location.

That’s it. It’s this simple to set up a system-wide proxy in the Linux machine.

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