SHERLOCK – Automated collection of Social Media profiles

How would it be returning all the social media profile links for the given username?

Recently I have come across a superb Python module. It’s a very simple and powerful Python library which helps you in reconnaissance stage of ethical hacking or penetration testing. Reconnaissance is all about collection of detailed information related to the individual or an entity. This script will collect all the social media profiles for the given username.

How to install?

Since this is not an official Python library, We need head into GitHub for this. Please find the link below for the library.

From the above link download and extract as zip or clone the repository. After that, navigate to the extracted/cloned path. Now the per-requisites for the library needs to be installed in the Python3 environment. Find the below command to install the dependencies using the requirements.txt file.

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to use?

Get the username of a target and run the command as below.

python aaa_nathan

After the successful completion of the script, the found social media profile links will be stored in the file named with the provided username in the same folder.

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